Internet & Network Solutions

Suntec Singapore has developed and established a robust and dynamic network to assist event organisers with your technical needs.

Customisation has been built into the Centre’s infrastructure to facilitate telco requirements and reduce costs to event organisers. The Centre’s advanced telecommunication system featuring complimentary high-speed WiFi can support up to 8,000 devices at a time, with a speed of up to 500 mbps.

The Centre's WiFi system allows event organisers to further customise their event through personalised SSIDs. Customised VLANs can be created to assist with file transfers from slide centres/ speaker ready rooms, to various meeting locations around the Centre. For more information, click here.

As the Centre provides comprehensive wireless internet coverage, deployment of third-party devices is discouraged. To request and obtain prior approval, please apply using AP-025 Wireless Equipment Permit. Suntec Singapore reserves the right to disable any wireless transmitting devices found to be causing interference.

For more information, please see Telecommunication Services Order Request

For more information on VLAN Creation & Customisation, please click here.
For more information on SSID Creation & Customisation for WiFi, please click 

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