Emergency & Evacuation


Suntec Singapore has a robust emergency response plan should an evacuation need to take place. Readiness is key – the Centre regularly conducts emergency evacuation drills and staff members are trained by a dedicated Emergency Response Team who lead evacuations when necessary.

Please refer to Technical Guide [Emergency Evacuation].
For the location of automated external defibrillator 
[AED] devices, please click here. 

Emergency Contacts

For emergencies, please alert our security personnel within the convention centre. You may also access emergency services via the following:

Police - 999

Police Emergency SMS - 71999

Police Hotline - 1800 255 0000

SCDF Ambulance and Fire Service - 995

Non-Emergency Ambulance Service - 1777

Traffic Police Information Hotline - 6547 0000

For information on police, please click here.
For information on fire and emergency medical services, please click here.

Emergency Evacuation Briefing Slides

Emergency Evacuation Briefings can be arranged upon request for all events. Briefings include briefing slides which can be found here.

For more information, please refer to the Civil Defence Emergency Handbook.

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