Exit Signs

Suntec Singapore has existing exit signs that are clearly demarcated and visible throughout the Centre. For safety, exit signs must not be obscured. In cases where exit signs are obscured, the event organiser is required to implement temporary signage as follows:

  • Additional exit signs are required if the path to an exit has been changed.
  • Additional exit signs must be clearly visible and installed above or directly next to each additional exit.
  • Where additional exit signs are deployed in replacement to existing signs (due to blockage), the sign must have a minimum size of 1,500mm (W) x 500mm (H) with an approved pictorial symbol no less than 100mm high and on a green background. Directional arrows may be required.
  • For enclosed booths with a floor area larger than 75sqm, a minimum of 2 exit points with directional exit signs are to be provided. Each sign must have a minimum size of 450mm (W) x 200mm (H).

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